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Section: Application Domains

Application Domains

The mainstream applications of TAO are, since its creation, engineering applications, autonomous robot control, and medical applications. Furthermore, the two new fields of applications that have appeared more recently within TAO, due to the arrival of new staff on the project, are now flourishing, namely Autonomic Computing and the study of Complex Social Systems

Software Roboticsis still an active application domain, as withnessed by Cedric Hartland's on-going PhD, and the recently starting SYMBION european IP, section 6.2.

Several applications involving Numerical Engineeringare on-going : the successful OMD (Optimisation Multi-Disciplinaire) RNTL/ANR project (see Section 6.4) will be pursued by OMD2, starting in 2009; moreover, collaborations with IFP and Citroën-Peugeot automobile industry will be materialized in 2009 by starting CIFRE PhD.

Though most medical applicationsof the early days of TAO have been hindered as the dialogue with experts could not take place to the required extent, the just-starting DigiBrain project puts TAO back on the domain of medical application: it is concerned with Brain Computer Interface, within the Digiteo structure, involving LRI, INRIA, CEA List and Neurospin.

Autonomic Computingapplications have now become an important part of TAO activities, since Cecile Germain-Renaud, now Professor at Université Paris-Sud, joined TAO in 2005, and Balzs Kégl was hired at LAL in Orsay in 2006 (see section 6.1).

Finally, the study of Social Systems, more precisely economical multi-agent models and road traffic models, is now full part of TAO activities, following the arrival of respectively Philippe Caillou and Cyril Furtlehner (see Section 6.4). For instance, the ANR proposal TRAVESTI, addressing traffic modelling problems, and coordinated by Cyril Furtlehner, has just been accepted, and will start in 2009.


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