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Section: New Results

Micro-macro models for rubber

In collaboration with R. Alicandro (U. of Cassino, Italy) and M. Cicalese (U. of Naples, Italy), A. Gloria has begun to address the derivation of rubber elasticity models from a discrete system of points in interaction, the system being described by a stochastic lattice. An article is in preparation. The asymptotic convergence of a finite element modeling of rubber introduced by Böl and Reese has been proved in [24] . With M. Vidrascu (project-team MACS) and P. Le Tallec (Ecole polytechnique), A. Gloria is currently working on the numerical simulation of the latter micro-macro model. Besides, M. Barchiesi (CNA, Pittsburgh, USA) and A. Gloria have found some new counterexamples to the cell formula in homogenization of nonlinear elasticity models, one of them being related to the discrete model. A preprint [35] has been submitted for publication.


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