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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Other external funding

European initiatives

ECRYPT – European Network of Excellence ( 02/04 $ \rightarrow$08/08 )

Partners: 33 European partners, both academic and industry.

176 kEuros.

This is a Network of Excellence in research in all the aspects of cryptology. It has been structured in “virtual labs”. Our project-team is leading a working group within the virtual lab on symmetric techniques and it is in charge of the yearly deliverable Open Research Areas in Symmetric Cryptography and Technical Trends in Lightweight Cryptography   [58] . The project-team is also involved in the AZTEC virtual lab (new primitives for public key cryptography).

National initiatives

ANR RAPIDE ( 01/07 $ \rightarrow$12/10 )

Design and analysis of stream ciphers dedicated to constraint environments

Partners: LORIA (project-team CACAO), INRIA (project-team SECRET), INSA Lyon (team Middleware/Security), University of Limoges (XLIM).

151 kEuros.

This project focuses on stream ciphers and especially on stream ciphers with an internal state governed by a non-linear transition function. We particularly draw our attention to ciphers whose characteristics make them especially fit constrained environments. These systems were not particularly studied up to now but could be good candidates to the replacement of stream ciphers based on linear transition functions (LFSR based) whose security tends to be less and less satisfying. The expected results of the project are practical as well as theoretical and concern both design and analysis of such stream ciphers.

ANR EDHASH ( 01/07 $ \rightarrow$12/09 )

Evaluation and Design of secure HASH functions

Partners: INRIA (project-team SECRET) and UVSQ/PRISM (Crypto team).

123 kEuros.

This project has two purposes: understanding the recent attacks on cryptographic hash functions and suggesting new constructions based on coding theory.

Asphales ( 05/04 $ \rightarrow$01/08 )

Interactions between computer security and legal security for the progress of regulations in the Information Society.

Partners: CNRS (labo. CECOJI), Univ. Versailles, Univ. Montpellier, INT, Univ. Lille 2, INRIA (project-team SECRET).

20.2 kEuros.

The aim of this multi-disciplinary project is to have a scientific reading of the French legal texts related to computer and network security. One main concern is to discuss the laws regarding the notion of proof, probative value and also the conservation of digital documents. Anne Canteaut and Marion Videau have provided a scientific view of many laws on these topics.


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