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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Industrial contracts

France Telecom R&D( 02/06 $ \rightarrow$02/08 )

Application of treillis/turbo/LDPC codes to modulations with a large number of states

52 kEuros.

This is a follow-up of a previous contract, aiming at constructing new families of binary codes with very good iterative decoding performances for a large range of rates and target error probabilities after decoding. The purpose is now to explore non-binary codes and completing the range of rates left by the previous contract.

I2E/AMESYS ( 01/07 $ \rightarrow$06/10 )

Recognition of a coding scheme

Partners: ENSTA, LIX, XLIM, INRIA projet-team SECRET.

221 kEuros.

This contract is funded by the DGA AINTERCOM call for offers. The context of this work is the analysis of a binary string in a non cooperative environment. The purpose is an academic research on related reconstruction problems, with a focus on error-correcting codes.

Société IPSIS ( 11/06 $ \rightarrow$10/09 )

Recognition of a coding scheme

60 kEuros.

This other contract on codes reconstruction provides the funding for Maxime Côte's PhD scholarship. It is funded by the DGA ACETE call for offers.


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