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Section: Dissemination

Participation to workshops/conferences in 2008

ESC 2008, Echternach, Luxemburg, January 7-11, participant: Anne Canteaut.

FSE 2008, Lausanne, Switzerland, February 10-13, participants: María Naya-Plasencia, Andrea Röck, Pascale Charpin, Stéphane Manuel.

SASC 2008, Lausanne, Switzerland, February 13-14, participants: Maria Naya-Plasencia, Andrea Röck.

Workshop on Coding Theory, Alicante, Spain, March 12-15, participant: Daniel Augot.

Journées C2, Carcans, France, March 17-21, participants: Daniel Augot, Benoit Gérard, Bhaskar Biswas, Céline Blondeau, Anne Canteaut, Pascale Charpin, Cédric Faure, Yann Laigle-Chapuy, Stéphane Manuel, Maria Naya-Plasencia, Andrea Röck, Nicolas Sendrier, Jean-Pierre Tillich.

EUROCRYPT 2008, Istanbul, Turkey, April 14-17, participant: Jean-Pierre Tillich.

MITACS, Montreal, Canada, May 30-June 6, participant: Nicolas Sendrier.

Workshop hash functions in cryptology, Leiden, The Netherlands, June 1-6, participant: Stéphane Manuel.

AFRICACRYPT, Marocco, June 11-14, participant: Andrea Röck.

ACCT, Pamporovo, Bulgaria, June 16-22, participants: Pascale Charpin, Cédric Faure.

Workshop Kryptowochende, Germany, July 3-7, participant: Andrea Röck.

IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - ISIT, Toronto, Canada, July 6-12, participants: Mathieu Cluzeau, Jean-Pierre Tillich, Alexander Zeh.

Waifi, Sienne, Italy, July 6-9, participant: Daniel Augot.

SAC 2008, Sackville, Canada, August 13-15, participant: Benoit Gérard.

Journées Cryptographie, Caen, France, September 5-6, participant: Jean-Pierre Tillich.

SETA, Lexington, USA, September 13-19, participant: Andrea Röck.

Workshop on Coding Theory Days, St Petersburg, Russia, October 4-12, participant: Pascale Charpin.

PQCrypto, Cincinnati, USA, October 16-21, participants: Bhaskar Biswas, Nicolas Sendrier.

ICT 2008, Lyon, France, November 25-27, participant: Stefan Dodunekov.

INDOCRYPT, Kharagpur, India, December 14-17, participant: Nicolas Sendrier.


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