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Overall Objectives
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Anne Canteaut [ Team Leader, Research Director (DR) Inria, HdR ]
Nicolas Sendrier [ Research Director (DR) Inria, HdR ]
Daniel Augot [ Research Associate (CR) Inria, HdR ]
Pascale Charpin [ Research Director (DR) Inria, HdR ]
Jean-Pierre Tillich [ Research Associate (CR) Inria ]

External Collaborator

Matthieu Finiasz [ Assistant Professor (MC) ENSTA, Paris ]
Grigory Kabatiansky [ Senior Researcher IPIT, Academy of Sciences of Moscow, Russia ]
Ayoub Otmani [ Assistant Professor (MC), University of Caen ]

Technical Staff

Mathieu Cluzeau [ R&D Engineer ]

PhD Student

Bhaskar Biswas [ INRIA grant, Ecole Polytechnique ]
Céline Blondeau [ INRIA grant, Univ. P. et M. Curie ]
Christophe Chabot [ DGA grant, Univ. Limoges ]
Maxime Côte [ CIFRE grant, Ecole Polytechnique ]
Cédric Faure [ AMN grant, Ecole Polytechnique ]
Benoît Gérard [ DGA grant, Univ. P. et M. Curie ]
Vincent Herbert [ INRIA grant, Univ. P. et M. Curie ]
Stéphane Jacob [ AMX grant, Univ. P. et M. Curie ]
Yann Laigle-Chapuy [ Éducation Nationale, Univ. P. et M. Curie ]
Stéphane Manuel [ INRIA grant, Ecole Polytechnique ]
María Naya Plasencia [ INRIA grant, Univ. P. et M. Curie ]
Andrea Röck [ INRIA grant, Ecole Polytechnique ]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Sumanta Sarkar [ Since December 2008 ]

Administrative Assistant

Christelle Guiziou-Cloitre [ Secretary (TR) Inria ]


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