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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European actions

Artist  II European IST network of Excellence

Artist  II is a European Network of Excellence on embedded system design ( ). Its goal is to establish Embedded Systems Design as a discipline, combining expertises from electrical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, and control theory. We collaborate as a core partner within the Real Time Components cluster, led by A. Benveniste ( Inria Rennes) and B. Jonsson (Uppsala University). G. Goessler is the administrator of Artist  II for Inria . Artist  II ended in September 2008.

ArtistDesign European IST network of Excellence

ArtistDesign is a European Network of Excellence on embedded system design, successor of Artist  II in FP7. The objective for ArtistDesign is to build on existing structures and links forged in Artist  II, to become a virtual Center of Excellence in Embedded Systems Design. This will be mainly achieved through tight integration between the central players of the European research community. The long-term vision for embedded systems in Europe, established in Artist  II, will advance the emergence of Embedded Systems as a mature discipline. G. Goessler is the administrator of ArtistDesign for Inria .

Combest European IST STREP

Combest is a European STREP on formal component-based design of complex embedded systems ( ). Its goal is to develop a design theory for embedded systems, covering heterogeneity, interface specifications, composability, compositionality, and refinement for functional and extra-functional properties.

AOSD European IST network of Excellence

AOSD -Europe is the European network of excellence on Aspect-Oriented Software Development that ended in August 2008. It included nine major academic institutions and two major industrial partners from UK, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain and Israel. We collaborated in the formal methods lab with Obasco - Inria , Technion (Israel), and Twente (The Netherlands).

Interlink Action

InterLink is a coordination action funded by the European Commission. It aims at advancing Europe's knowledge in a number of critical Information and Communication Science and Technologies areas. P. Fradet participates in the working group on software-intensive systems and novel computing paradigms.


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