Team Parsifal

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Section: New Results

Formalizing operational semantic specifications in logic

Participant : Dale Miller.

An important application area for some of the proof theory results of the team is in reasoning about the operational semantics of programs and specifications. Miller provided a survey of various approaches to encoding such semantic specifications in the survey article [13] . Miller and the former team member Alwen Tiu recent submitted a paper [55] that provides, in their opinion, the definitive treatment of the (finite) $ \pi$ -calculus within the $ \lambda$ -tree syntax approach to encoding. In that paper, the syntax and transition semantics for the $ \pi$ -calculus are presented as simple logic programs. Using those specifications, they developed the notions of open and late bisimulation. All of these specifications were declarative and without side conditions. A result of maintaining a high-level of declarativeness in these specifications, it was possible to describe a novel characterization of the differences between open and late bisimulations. Full adequacy results were provided, there by showing a precise match between the “standard” techniques for the specification of the $ \pi$ -calculus and the more abstract, proof-theoretically inspired approach based on $ \lambda$ -trees syntax.


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