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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional grants

Brittany Council

PhD grants

The Brittany Regional Council provides half of the financial support for the PhD theses of the following students: Loïc Cudennec, Mohamed Zouari, Diana Moise. This support amounts to a total of 3 times 14,000 Euros/year, that is, 42,000 Euros/year.

5000NET Project

Participants : Yvon Jégou, David Margery, Pascal Morillon.

The 5000NET Project is funded by the Brittany Regional Council until July 2007. Its aim was to provide financial support for the integration of high-speed interconnection networking equipments in our Grid'5000 platform.

Support to XtreemOS Project Management

Participants : Sandrine L'Hermitte, Christine Morin.

The Brittany Regional Council provides a financial support for the management of the XtreemOS IP project. This supports amounts to a total of 30,000 Euros. It contributes to funding S. L'Hermitte, who assists the scientific coordinator and ensures the clerical management of the XtreemOS project office and of all XtreemOS management bodies.


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