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Section: New Results

Experimental Grid infrastructures

Participants : Yvon Jégou, David Margery, Pascal Morillon, Cyril Rohr.

The deployment of the Grid'5000 site of Rennes was initiated in November 2003. The major steps for the platforms were

Table 1.
Date # Nodes # Procs # Cores Processor type Node type
Dec. 200366132132Intel Xeon IA32Dell PowerEdge 1750
Oct. 2004336666IBM PowerPCApple Xserve G5
Nov. 200466132132AMD Opteron 248Sun V20z
Dec. 2005102204204AMD Opteron 246HP DL145 G2
Nov. 200666132264Intel Xeon 5148LVDell PowerEdge 1950
Sep. 20073366132Intel Xeon 5148LVDell PowerEdge 1950
Dec. 200865130520Intel Xeon L5420Digitech Carri Systems CS-5393B

As of the end of 2008, 196 nodes corresponding to 392 processors and 594 cores are active on our platform. An Additonal 65 nodes, 130 processors, 520 cores are to be installed by the end of the year.

The following interconnection equipments have been acquired since 2003:

Table 2.
Date # Ports Throughput Uplink Type Model
Dec. 20032x48100Mb/s1 Gb/sEthernetFoundry EdgeIron
Dec. 20048x241 Gb/s1 Gb/sEthernetCisco 3750
Dec. 20056610 Gb/sInfinibandMellanox/Voltaire
Feb 20063201 Gb/s2x10 Gb/sEthernetCisco 6509
Apr. 20063310 Gb/sMyrinetMyricom
Sep. 20076410 Gb/s2x10 Gb/sMyrinetMyricom

As of the end of 2008, the production network interconnects all nodes at 1 Gb/s using Ethernet technology, and provides connectivity to Grid'5000 sites through a 10 Gb/s optical link. A private Ethernet network, the management network interconnecting all nodes, is used for node management: monitoring, reboot, etc. It is exploited by the management software of the platform ( OAR , kadeploy ). Two local high-performance networks are available: an Infiniband network interconnecting 66 nodes at 10 Gb/s and a Myrinet 10G network interconnecting 97 nodes and the main Ethernet interconnect at 10 Gb/s.

The statistics show an average platform usage higher than 75%. The results provided by local users, mainly from the Paris Project-Team, show that experimentations on our platform are cited in 6 PHD thesis, 6 book chapters or journal articles, 30 communications to international conferences and in 11 communications to national conferences.

2008 is a major milestone for this experimental infrastructure as its further development was planned and accepted as ALADDIN-G5K , starting in June 2008. The work in Rennes has started to design an API to access the plateform and the corresponding service oriented architecture based on the REST architectural style.


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