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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European initiatives

Associated Team SPARS with EPFL

Participants : Rémi Gribonval, Boris Mailhé, Simon Arberet, Benjamin Roy, Frédéric Bimbot.

A strong partnership with the LTS2 lab lead by Pr. Pierre Vandergheynst at EPFL has been ongoing since 20606 and was formalized as the INRIA Equipe Associée SPARS in January 2007. The two groups share a common specialty on nonlinear and sparse approximation, with complementary expertise on audio (METISS) and image/video (LTS2). The Ph.D. of Boris Mailhé has been co-supervised by Frédéric Bimbot, Rémi Gribonval and Pierre Vandergheynst in this framework.

Since the official labelling of the Equipe Associée the academic exchanges between the groups have been further reinforced, with exchanges of Ph.D. students, crossed participations to Ph.D. jurys, and two two-month visits of Rémi Gribonval at EPFL as an "academic host" in the summers of 2006 and 2008. As a result of this collaboration there have been regular publications, including 3 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and 5 conference publications since the beginning of the Equipe Associée.

The Equipe Associée has also been the opportunity to jointly organize the SPARS'09 workshop (see Section  9.1 as well as to prepare the project SMALL (see Section  7.2.1 ).


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