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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

European projects

FP7 FET-Open program SMALL

A joint research project called SMALL (Sparse Models, Algorithms and Learning for Large-scale data) has been setup with the groups of Pr Mark Plumbley (Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London, UK), Pr Mike Davies (University of Edinburgh, UK), Pr Pierre Vandergheynst (EPFL, Switzeland) and Miki Elad (The Technion, Israel) in the framework of the European FP7 FET-Open call. SMALL was one of the eight selected projects among more than 111 submissions and is scheduled to begin in February 2009. The main objective of the project is to explore new generations of provably good methods to obtain inherently data-driven sparse models, able to cope with large-scale and complicated data much beyond state-of-the-art sparse signal modeling. The project will develop a radically new foundational theoretical framework for dictionary learning, and scalable algorithms for the training of structured dictionaries.


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