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Section: Scientific Foundations

High Performance methods for solving wave equations

Nowadays the wave equation can be solved with very good accuracy using finite-element methods but the main difficulty that remains is related to the very large amount of computer memory storage that is required, in particular in 3D. Moreover, the solution of the time dependent wave equation with classical finite elements requires the inversion of a very large mass matrix at each time step. To avoid this problem, we develop space-discretization methods such as spectral element methods or Discontinuous Galerkin methods which turn the mass matrix onto an easily invertible (block)-diagonal matrix. We also try to improve the time-discretization methods by using local time stepping schemes which enables us to use a small time step only on the part of the mesh it is needed and to use a coarse time step everywhere else. From a computational point of view, we dedicated a large part of our effort on parallel computing and we have established since the beginning of 2006 a collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC, Spain).


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