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Section: Scientific Foundations

Wave propagation in porous media

The propagation of waves in porous media is of interest in many geophysics applications. Magique-3D  develops different axes of research on this subject. By using numerical methods like finite differences, finite elements or meshless techniques like the various boundary integral methods (Boundary Integral Method, Indirect Boundary Element Method, Meshless Galerkin Method...) we aim at solving the equations describing porous media. Magique-3D  has started to work on Biot models. The first studies that we have undertaken were devoted to the mathematical analysis of a linear and nonlinear model coupling an elastic wave equation written in the solid structure and a diffusion equation written in the fluid. We currently work on numerical modeling of Biot's model, we develop a numerical method based on the one hand on the use of a three-dimensional spectral-element method for space discretization, which is a finite-element method with an exactly diagonal mass matrix, and on the other hand on an explicit scheme for time discretization.


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