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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Depth Imaging Partnership

Magique-3D  maintains active collaborations with Total . In the context of depth imaging and with the collaboration of Henri Calandra from Total , Magique-3D  coordinates research activities dealing with the development of high-performance numerical methods for solving wave equations in complex media. This project involves French academic researchers in mathematics, computing and in geophysics, and is funded by Total . At present time, two PhD students are working in Magique-3D from 2007 on new numerical imaging methods that are based on the solution of the full wave equation. Two Ph.D students advised by J. Roman and S. Petiton respectively started to work in january 2008 on computing aspects for optimizing the computational performances of our numerical methods.

The different partners plan to work jointly on topics dealing with solving wave equations. We intend to increase the numbers of participants and new research topics are supposed to be considered in 2009 after a kick-off meeting that will be organized in Pau in March 2009.

To our knowledge, our network is the first in the French research community to establish links between industrial and academic researchers in the context of a long-term research program managed by an INRIA team.


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