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Section: New Results

Keywords : geological horizon propagation, parallelization, optimized data access.

Geological horizon propagation into large seismic volumes

Participants : Jonathan Gallon, Bruno Jobard, Hélène Barucq.

In the petroleum industry, seismic data is the starting point of many processes for the exploration for oil reservoirs. The dimensions of these seismic cubes keep increasing as the regions undergoing exploration keep growing and have increased spatial resolution. We are interested in finding efficient algorithms of geological horizon propagation that can handle large 3D and 4D (pre-stack) seismic volumes. Such horizons are used for constructing structural sub-surface models. In order to process larger volumes, our strategy consists in to partition them and simultaneously propagate an initial horizon seed in adjacent sub-blocs. To validate this approach, we take special care to ensure that the individual surfaces connect at the bloc limits and that the overall quality is close to the single-threaded propagation. Further performance improvements are planned by organizing the data along a special layout on disk and using cache hierarchies.


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