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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Keywords : Java on mobile devices J2ME (java on mobile devices, j2me), cryptographic protocols, static analysis.

The MEFORSE collaborative research contract with France Télécom R&D

Participants : Frédéric Besson, Thomas Genet, Thomas Jensen.

Since 2004, the Lande project has a formalized collaboration with the France Télécom R&D team TAL/VVT based in Lannion. The collaboration is concerned with the modeling and analysis of software for telecommunication, in particular cryptographic protocols and Java (J2ME) applets written using the profile dedicated to mobile devices. The collaboration has so far lead to a list of features to verify on Java-enabled mobile telephones in order to ensure their security. We are notably interested in validating properties pertaining to the proper use of resources (eg. sending of SMS messages) for which we have developed a static analysis that allows to assert that a given applet will not use an unbounded amount of resources.

In another strand of the collaboration we analyse cryptographic protocols by over-approximating the protocol's and intruder's behavior. In general, the over-approximation is computable, whereas the exact behavior is not. To prove that there is no possible attack on the protocol we show that there is no attack on the over-approximation of its behavior. This leaves the problem of false positives: if the approximation contains an attack, it is not possible to say if it is a real attack or if it is due to the over-approximation. We thus work on attack reconstruction from the over-approximation of protocol's and intruder's behavior in order to discriminate between real and false attacks. We have already proposed a first algorithm which have been implemented and tested under the Timbuk library.


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