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Section: Software

Keywords : Constructive logic, Coq modules, Lattices.

A Coq library of lattices

Participant : David Pichardie.

We have developed a library of Coq modules for implementing lattices, the fundamental data structure of most static analysers. The motivation for this library was the development and extraction of certified static analysis in the Coq proof assistant—see Section  3.1 . Using the abstract interpretation methodology, static analyses are specified as least solution of system of equations (inequations) on lattice structures. The library of Coq modules allows to construct complex and efficient lattices by combination of functors and base lattices. The lattice signature possesses a parameter which ensure termination of a generic fixed-point solver. The delicate problem of termination of fixpoint iterations is hence dealt with once and for all when building a lattice as a combination of the different lattice functors.

This library is currently freely available at under GPL license. It has been presented during the international FICS conference  [25] .


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