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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European Contracts and Projects

NoE CoreGRID (2004-2008)

The CoreGRID Network of Excellence aims at building a European-wide research laboratory that will achieve scientific and technological excellence in the domain of large-scale distributed, Grid, and Peer-to-Peer computing. The primary objective of the CoreGRID Network of Excellence is to build solid foundations for Grid and Peer-to-Peer computing both on a methodological basis and a technological basis. This will be achieved by structuring research in the area, leading to integrated research among experts from the relevant fields, more specifically distributed systems and middleware, programming models, knowledge discovery, intelligent tools, and environments.

GRAAL is involved in CoreGRID under the partner CNRS. The CNRS partnership involves Algorille in Nancy (E. Jeannot), MOAIS in Grenoble (G. Huard, D. Trystram), and the Graal project (A. Benoit, Y. Caniou, E. Caron, F. Desprez, Y. Robert, F. Vivien). F. Vivien is responsible for the CoreGRID contract within CNRS. He is responsible for managing the three teams involved in the partner CNRS, and for representing them in the CoreGRID Members General Assembly. F. Vivien is a member of the CoreGRID Integration Monitoring Committee. He is also responsible for a task in the scheduling workpackage.

The Coregrid project will continue through an ERCIM Working Group leaded by F. Desprez.


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