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Section: Software


Participants : Emmanuel Agullo, Alfredo Buttari, Philippe Combes, Jean-Yves L'Excellent [ correspondent ] .

Mumps (for MUltifrontal Massively Parallel Solver , see ) is a software package for the solution of large sparse systems of linear equations. The development of Mumps was initiated by the European project PARASOL (Esprit 4, LTR project 20160, 1996-1999), whose results and developments were public domain. Since then, mainly in collaboration with ENSEEIHT-IRIT (Toulouse, France), lots of developments have been done, to enhance the software with more functionalities and integrate recent research work. Recent developments also involve the Inria project ScAlAppliX since the recruitment of Abdou Guermouche as an assistant professor at LaBRI, while Cerfacs contributes to some research work.

Mumps implements a direct method, the multifrontal method, and is a parallel code for distributed memory computers; it is unique by the performance obtained and the number of functionalities available, among which we can cite:

Mumps is currently used by more than 1000 academic and industrial users, from a wide range of application fields (see Section  4.1 ). Notice that the Mumps users include:

From a geographical point of view, 31% of our users come from North America, 39% are Europeans, and 19% are from Asia.

The latest release is Mumps 4.8.4, available since December 2008 (see ). The most recent features available are: detection of null pivots and estimate of a null space basis, parallel scaling algorithms, reduction of the memory usage (smaller communication buffers), more statistics returned to the user, and out-of-core storage of the factors. A parallel analysis phase based on PT-Scotch  [89] is under development.


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