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Section: Dissemination

Participation in conferences and seminars

Participation in conferences

POPL: Principles of Programming Languages

(San Francisco, USA, january).

Arthur Charguéraud presented [15] . Jean-Baptiste Tristan presented [24] . Xavier Leroy, François Pottier, Didier Rémy attended.

JFLA: Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs

(Étretat, France, january).

Boris Yakobowski presented [29] . Sandrine Blazy attended.

Seminar on Types, Logics and Semantics for State

(Dagstuhl, Germany, february).

Arthur Charguéraud gave a presentation. François Pottier participated.

DTP: workshop Dependently Typed Programming

(Nottingham, GB, march).

Xavier Leroy presented an invited talk on compiler verification.

TTVSI: workshop Tools and Techniques for Verification of System Infrastructure

(London, GB, march).

Sandrine Blazy presented a poster on the Clight language and its formal semantics. Xavier Leroy presented an invited talk on compiler verification.

PLDI: Programming Languages Design and Implementation

(Tucson, USA, june).

Xavier Leroy attended.

LCTES: Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems

(Tucson, USA, june).

Xavier Leroy presented an invited talk on compiler verification.

Meeting of IFIP Working Group 2.8 “Functional Programming”

(Park City, USA, june).

Didier Rémy and François Pottier participated.

LICS: Logic in Computer Science

(Pittsburgh, USA, June).

François Pottier presented a paper  [22] .

CAV: Computer Aided Verification; satellite workshops SMT, AFM

(Princeton, USA, july).

Sandrine Blazy attended.

IJCAR: International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning

(Sydney, Australia, august).

Damien Doligez attended the conference and entered Zenon in the CASC-J4 prover competition hosted by the conference.

ICFP: International Conference on Functional Programming

(Victoria, Canada, october).

Arthur Charguéraud presented [17] . Boris Yakobowski presented [25] . Damien Doligez, Alexandre Pilkiewicz, Nicolas Pouillard and Didier Rémy attended.

MLW: Workshop on ML and its Applications

(Victoria, Canada, october).

Damien Doligez presented [19] . Nicolas Pouillard and Didier Rémy attended.

Meeting of the GDR “Génie de la Programmation et du Logiciel”, working group “Langages, Types et Preuves”

(Évry, France, november).

Sandrine Blazy served on the organizing committee. Arthur Charguéraud and Zaynah Dargaye gave one presentation each. Xavier Leroy and Francois Pottier attended.

Invitations and participation in seminars

Sandrine Blazy gave a talk about the Compcert memory model at the seminar of the LSL team (CEA, march), and a talk about the formalization of separation logic in Coq at a working meeting on separation logic (Princeton University, july).

Sandrine Blazy and Xavier Leroy were invited to present the CompCert verified compiler at an internal workshop of Airbus (Toulouse, december).

Benoît Montagu gave a talk on open existential types for module systems at the LAMA seminar (University of Chambéry, june).

Didier Rémy visited Andrew Tolmach at Portland University, where he gave a seminar on MLF, and Daan Leijen at Microsoft Research in Redmond, where he gave a seminar on open existential types.

Participation in summer schools

Arthur Charguéraud and Benoît Montagu attended the Oregon Summer School on Logic and Programming Languages (Eugene, Oregon, USA, July).


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