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Section: New Results

Conceptualization and formalization of the landscape of intrinsic motivation systems

Participants : Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Frédéric Kaplan.

Intrinsic motivation is a crucial mechanism for open-ended cognitive development since it is the driver of spontaneous exploration and curiosity. Yet, it has so far only been conceptualized in ad hoc manners in the epigenetic robotics community. We have this year put effort on reviewing different approaches to intrinsic motivation in psychology and connecting them to the issues that are considered important in developmental robotics. Furthermore, we have proposed a unified definition of intrinsic motivation, based on the theory of Daniel Berlyne. Based on this definition, we have formalized a landscape of types of computational approaches, making it possible to position existing and future models relative to each other, and we have shown that important approaches are still to be explored. This work has been published in [49] [14] .


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