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Section: Software

The Exploration Explorer

Participants : Adrien Baranès [ correspondant ] , Pierre-Yves Oudeyer.

The Exploration Explorer is a Matlab toolbox designed to allow the evaluation and systematic comparison of various intrinsically motivated exploration algorithms. It includes both a graphical interface for choosing the particular exploration algorithm among several possible ones, as well as the underlying low-level prediction systems, for tuning their parameters, and for choosing the sensorimotor space to be used for evaluation. Several algorithms are currently implemented, including different variants of the IAC algorithm [1] . Several default sensorimotor spaces, together with their visualizations, are included (see Figure 2 ). The toolbox also includes modules to visualize both in realtime and as postprocessing the evolution of performances of each algorithm (see Figure 3 ). In the mid-term, this system aims to be distributed publicly as open source.

Figure 1. Matlab Interface of the Exploration Explorer
Figure 2. Several sensorimotor spaces, including modules for their visualization, are included in the Exploration Explorer
Figure 3. Advanced visualization tools for monitoring the exploration algorithm properties are included in the toolbox.


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