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Section: Software


Participants : Eric Bruneton, Antoine Begault, Adyl Kenouche.

Figure 2. Proland software

Proland (for procedural landscape ) is a software platform originally developed for the NatSim project (see Section  8.2.2 ). This year it has also been developped using fundings from the GVTR project (see Section  7.2 ), and it is the basis for our participation in the MarketSimGame project (see Section  7.6 ). The goal of this platform is the real-time rendering and editing of large landscapes. It currently integrates several results of the EVASION project-team on top of a terrain rendering algorithm: grass, individual animated trees, forests (using volumetric textures or billboard clouds), as well as atmospheric effects (see Section  6.3.6 ). The terrain data can come from digital sources (satellite photographs) and from vector data (spline curves representing roads, rivers, fields, forests, etc). The vector data can be edited in real-time and can be used to constrain the vegetation. A new, more modular and extensible version has been started this year. Currently only the terrain renderer, the billboard cloud forests and the atmospheric effects have been ported to this new version. The main new feature of this version is that it can work with planet-sized terrains, for all viewpoints from ground to space. Both versions have been deposited to APP (Deposit numbers IDDN.FR.001.390029.000.S.C.2008.000.31500 and IDDN.FR.001.390030.000.S.P.2008.000.31500).


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