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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National projects

ANR Masse de données et simulation KAMELEON

Participants : Marie-Paule Cani, Franck Hétroy, Lionel Reveret.

This project started in 2006 and ended on May 2009. It addresses motion capture of small vertebrates.

ANR Masse de données et simulation NatSim

Participants : Antoine Bouthors, Eric Bruneton, Marie-Paule Cani, Philippe Decaudin, Julien Diener, Fabrice Neyret, Jamie Wither, Qizhi Yu.

This project aims at developing new techniques and hybrid representations to model, visualize, animate and transmit natural scenes. It involves EVASION, IRIT and LABRI. EVASION is involved in two workpackages: edition tools in order to "sketch" high level user specification concerning the landscape, and procedural modeling, simulation and real-time rendering of complex scenes (such as terrain, rivers, clouds, trees). The project started on December 22, 2005 and ended on December 21, 2008.

ANR Chênes et roseaux

Participants : Fabrice Neyret, Lionel Reveret.

This project started in 2007 and ends in December 2009. It addresses the modeling and measurement from video of fruit tree resistance to breaking under wind.

ANR Masse de données MADRAS

Participants : Romain Arcila, Franck Hétroy, Lionel Reveret.

This 3-year project, funded by ANR, started on January 1, 2008. Its goal is threefold:

On this project, EVASION focuses on sequences of meshes evolving through time. Other partners are LIFL in Lille and LIRIS in Lyon.

ANR Vulcain

Participants : Marie Durand, François Faure.

We participate to the ANR Vulcain project ( ), which purpose is to evaluate the vulnerability of buildings such as industrial facilities undergoing explosions of projectile impacts. Marie Durand has been hired for one year as an engineer. She will implement discrete element models in GPU in order to speed up concrete fracturing simulations.

ARC Fantastik

Participant : Lionel Reveret.

This project started in 2007 and ended on December 2008. It addresses the development of new methods for parameterization and edition of motion capture data.

GdR ISIS Analyse Multirésolution d'objets 3D animés

Participant : Franck Hétroy.

Analyse Multirésolution d'objets 3D animés is a project funded by the GdR ISIS (Groupement de Recherche Information, Signal, Images et ViSion) from CNRS, in which we aim at developing multiresolution analysis techniques for animated 3D objects (e.g. for compression). We work on this project with Cédric Gérot from the GIPSA-Lab in Grenoble, Frédéric Payan from the I3S lab (University of Nice) and Basile Sauvage from the LSIIT lab (University of Strasbourg).


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