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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European projects


Participants : Guillaume Bousquet, François Faure, Lenka Jeřábková.

The PASSPORT for Liver Surgery project ( ) deals with the objectives of the Virtual Physiological Human ICT-2007.5.3 objective. PASSPORT's aim is to develop patient-specific models of the liver which integrates anatomical, functional, mechanical, appearance, and biological modelling. To these static models, PASSPORT will add dynamics liver deformation modelling and deformation due to breathing, and regeneration modelling providing a patient specific minimal safety standardized FLR. These models, integrated in the Open Source framework SOFA, will culminate in generating the first multi-level and dynamic "Virtual patient-specific liver" allowing not only to accurately predict feasibility, results and the success rate of a surgical intervention, but also to improve surgeons? training via a fully realistic simulator, thus directly impacting upon definitive patient recovery suffering from liver diseases.

Guillaume Bousquet started in September a Ph.D. funded by this project. His purpose is to go beyond Matthieu Nesme's thesis (see Section  6.2.2 ) for even more robust and efficient patient-specific models for surgery simulation.


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