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Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

A. Bouthors.
Rendu réaliste de nuages en temps réel, Ph. D. Thesis, Université Joseph-Fourier - Grenoble I, 06 2008
M. Coquerelle.
Calcul d'interaction fluide-structure par méthode de vortex et application en synthèse d'images, Ph. D. Thesis, Grenoble INP, 09 2008.
F. Faure.
Simulation Physique Interactive pour la Synthèse d'Images, HDR, Université Joseph-Fourier - Grenoble I, 11 2008
M. Nesme.
Milieu mécanique déformable multirésolution pour la simulation interactive, Ph. D. Thesis, Université Joseph-Fourier - Grenoble I, 06 2008
J. Wither.
Sketching and annotation for the procedural modelling of complex phenomena, Ph. D. Thesis, Université Joseph-Fourier - Grenoble I, 11 2008.
Q. Yu.
Modèles de rivières animées pour l'exploration interactive de paysages, Ph. D. Thesis, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble - INPG, 11 2008

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journal

C. Boucheny, G.-P. Bonneau, J. Droulez, G. Thibault, S. Ploix.
A Perceptive Evaluation of Volume Rendering Techniques, in: ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, 2008
M. Coquerelle, G.-H. Cottet.
A vortex level set method for the two-way coupling of an incompressible fluid with colliding rigid bodies, in: Journal of Computational Physics, 2008, vol. 227, p. 9121-9137
D. Rohmer, S. Hahmann, M.-P. Cani.
Local volume preservation for skinned characters, in: Computer Graphics Forum, 2008, vol. 27, p. 1919-1927, Proceedings of Pacific Graphics2008, Tokyo Japan
B. Sauvage, S. Hahmann, G.-P. Bonneau, G. Elber.
Detail Preserving Deformation of B-spline Surfaces with Volume Constraint, in: Computer Aided Geometric Design, 2008, vol. 25, p. 678-696
V. Vidal, X. Mei, P. Decaudin.
Simple Empty-Space Removal for Interactive Volume Rendering, in: Journal of graphics tools, 2008, vol. 13, p. 21-37

Articles in National Peer-Reviewed Journal

S. Barbier, G.-P. Bonneau.
Visualisation Focus+Contexte pour l'Exploration Interactive de Maillages Tétraèdriques, in: Revue Électronique Francophone d'Informatique Graphique, 2008, vol. 2, p. 61-71

International Peer-Reviewed Conference/Proceedings

A. Bernhardt, A. Pihuit, M.-P. Cani, L. Barthe.
Matisse : Painting 2D regions for Modeling Free-Form Shapes, in: Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling (SBIM), France Annecy, 2008, p. 57–64
A. Bouthors, F. Neyret, N. Max, E. Bruneton, C. Crassin.
Interactive multiple anisotropic scattering in clouds, in: ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D), États-Unis d'Amérique Redwood City, CA, 2008, p. 173-182
E. Bruneton, F. Neyret.
Precomputed Atmospheric Scattering, in: Eurographics Symposium on Rendering, Blackwell Publishing, 2008
E. Bruneton, F. Neyret.
Real-time rendering and editing of vector-based terrains, in: Eurographics, Grèce Hersonissos, 2008
F. Faure, S. Barbier, J. Allard, F. Falipou.
Image-based Collision Detection and Response between Arbitrary Volumetric Objects, in: ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, Irlande Dublin, 2008
S. Hahmann, G.-P. Bonneau, S. Barbier, M. Cornillac.
Design with free-form splines over irregular meshes, in: ASME Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis 2008, Israël Haifa, ASME (editor), ASME, 2008, p. 1-8
E. Hermann, F. Faure, B. Raffin.
Ray-traced collision detection for deformable bodies, in: 3rd International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, GRAPP 2008, Portugal Madeira, 2008
P. Kry, A. Pihuit, A. Bernhardt, M.-P. Cani.
HandNavigator: Hands-on Interaction for Desktop Virtual Reality, in: ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, France Bordeaux, Ernst Kruijff, Technische Universität Graz, 2008, p. 53-60
X. Mei, P. Decaudin, B.-G. Hu, X. Zhang.
Real-Time Marker Level Set on GPU, in: International Conference on Cyberworlds, Chine Hangzhou, 2008
C. Picard, N. Tsingos, F. Faure.
Audio texture synthesis for complex contact interactions, in: VRIPHYS - Fifth Workshop On Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation, France Grenoble, 2008
L. Skrba, L. Reveret, F. Hétroy, M.-P. Cani, C. O'Sullivan.
Quadruped Animation, in: Eurographics State-of-the-Art Report, Grèce Hersonissos, Creete, 2008, p. 1–17
J. Wither, A. Bouthors, M.-P. Cani.
Rapid sketch modeling of clouds, in: Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling (SBM), France Annecy, 2008

Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

M.-P. Cani, T. Igarashi, G. Wyvill.
Interactive Shape Design, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, ISSN:1933-8996, 2008

Internal Reports

C. Crassin, F. Neyret, S. Lefebvre.
Interactive GigaVoxels, RR-6567, INRIA, 2008
J. Diener, M. Rodriguez, L. Baboud, L. Reveret.
Wind projection basis for real-time animation of trees, RR-6674, INRIA, 2008
F. Hétroy, S. Rey, C. Andujar, P. Brunet, A. Vinacua.
Mesh Repair with Topology Control, RR-6535, INRIA, 2008
L. Lu, F. Hétroy, C. Gérot, B. Thibert.
Atlas-Based Character Skinning with Automatic Mesh Decomposition, RR-6406, INRIA, 2008
M. Tournier, X. Wu, N. Courty, E. Arnaud, L. Reveret.
Motion Compression using Principal Geodesics Analysis, RR-6648, INRIA, 2008