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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Cybercars 2

[January 2006-December 2008]

European project IST Cybercars 2, “Close Communications for Cooperation between Cybercars”.

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This Project is driven by the vision that, in the short term future, Cybernetic Transport Systems (CTS) based on fully automated urban vehicles (the cybercars) will be seen on city roads and on new dedicated infrastructures. Such systems have been developed and evaluated in the scope of the CyberCars ( ) and CyberMove ( ) projects of the 5th FWP and are now being deployed. However, presently these CTS can only operate in low demand environments where little interaction between vehicles is anticipated. In order for these systems to address high demands, more cooperation between vehicles is needed. This is the topic of this Project, based on vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communications and vehicles coordination. We will address in particular the cooperation between vehicles running at close range (platooning) and at intersections (merging, crossing). The contribution of e-Motion to Cybercars 2 focuses on cooperative driving.


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