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Section: Overall Objectives

Keywords : Bayesian Programming, Reasoning under Uncertainty, Dynamic World constraints, Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, Artificial Perception, Motion Planning, Learning.


Main challenge:The project-team e-Motion aims at developing models and algorithms allowing us to build “artificial systems” including advanced sensorimotors loops, and exhibiting sufficiently efficient and robust behaviors for being able to operate in open and dynamic environments (i.e. in partially known environments, where time and dynamics play a major role), while leading to various types of interaction with humans . This Challenge is part of a more general challenge that we call Robots in Human Environments . Recent technological progress on embedded computational power, on sensor technologies, and on miniaturised mechatronic systems, make the required technological breakthroughs potentially possible (including from the scalability point of view).

Approach and research themes:In order to try to reach the previous objective, we combine the respective advantages of computational geometry and of the theory of probabilities . We are also working in cooperation with neurophysiologists on sensorimotor systems, for trying to apply and experiment some biological models . This approach leads us to study, under these different points of view, three strongly correlated fundamental research themes:


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