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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Collaborations

Collaboration with Singapore

e-motion collaborate with the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) since 1998 (MOV INRIA+NTV, MOV INRIA + NUS, PICS CNRS including the LPPA (College de France, Alain Berthoz), ACT-Asia FACT) in the framework of the scientific collaboration in the field of autonomous vehicles. This collaboration has brought: (a)  an important number of crossed visits and stays (one week to several months) of researchers, (b)  Singaporeans students in Inria (level undergraduate to graduate), (c)  organization of workshops and (d)  postdocs and codirected PhD students. Brice Rebsamen will defend his phD Thesis in Singapore in January 2009; Christopher Meng Tay will defend his phD in Grenoble in april 2009.

Collaboration with Japan, Korea, China

see the description of the ICT-ASIA “Fact” and “City Home” projects above.

Collaboration with Spain

Partner: UPC Barcelona. Subject: visual dynamic obstacle detection. Collaborative work, visiting scientist.

Collaboration with Mexico

The thematic network "Image et Robotique" has been implemented from the French-Mexican symposium in C omputer Sciences and Control (JFMIA'99) which has been held in Mexico in March 1999. The main goal of this network is to promote and increase the french-mexican cooperations in Image and Robotics in scientific, academic and industrial fields. This network has been effectively settled in 2000. It supports a yearly school (SSIR ), students exchange, and crossed visits since 2000 (Prof Enrique Sucar and Dr Ruben Garcia Raminez spent a few months a e-Motion in 2008).

Collaboration with Portugal

Partner: University of Coimbra Subject: Bayesian Models for Multimodal Perception of 3D Structure and Motion Collaborative work and commun publications: [18] , [29]

Collaboration with Brasil

e-motion collaborate with 2 universities: University of Brasilia. subject: Bayesian Robot programming. Collaborative work an commun publication: A journal paper under review.

Catholic University of Brasilia. Subject: Corruption detection. Collaborative work, visiting professor.

Collaboration with Switzerland

Subject 1: Bayesian model of mentalizing. Partner: Les hôpitaux universitaires des Genève. Collaborative work and commun publication: [7] Subject 2: Bayesian robotics. Partner: ETH Zurich. Collaborative work and commun publications on bayesian Robotics.


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