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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European projects

BACS (Bayesian Approach to Cognitive Systems)

FP6-IST-027140 [january 2006-february 2011]

Despite very extensive research efforts contemporary robots and other cognitive artifacts are not yet ready to autonomously operate in complex real world environments. One of the major reasons for this failure in creating cognitive situated systems is the difficulty in the handling of incomplete knowledge and uncertainty. In this project we will investigate and apply Bayesian models and approaches in order to develop artificial cognitive systems that can carry out complex tasks in real world environments. We will take inspiration from the brains of mammals including humans and apply our findings to the developments of cognitive systems. The conducted research shall result in a consistent Bayesian framework offering enhanced tools for probabilistic reasoning in complex real world situations. The performance will be demonstrated through its applications to drive assistant systems and 3D mapping, both very complex real world tasks. P. Bessière, C. Laugier and R. Siegwart edited a book titled “Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision Making in Sensory-Motor Systems” [36] which regroups 12 different PhD theses defended within the BIBA and BACS European projects. See: [37] , [39] , [41] , [43] , [47] , [46] , [48] , [52] , [50] .


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