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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ADT ArosDyn

[Nov 2008 - Oct 2011]

Technological Development Action (ADT) supported by INRIA DDT (Direction of the Technological Development). This project involves the following partners: EPI e-Motion (C. Laugier is the coordinator), EPI Perception (E. Boyer), SED Rhône-Alpes; it also involve individual collaborators (E. Malis from EPI Arobas and J. Crowley from EPI Prima) and a spin-off company (Probayes). Some international companies of the automotive domain are also involved has potential customers for the produced technologies.

The main objective of ArosDyn is to develop an embedded system for robust dynamic scene analysis and danger assessment in road and urban traffic situations. This system will be used in the scope of a Driver Assistance System.


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