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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


[Sept 2007 - Sept 2008]

Industrial contract “Application of Bayesian Occupancy Filter technology to DENSO LIDAR data” involving INRIA, Denso and Probayes.

This contract is the follow up of a previous contract signed in 2006 by Denso and INRIA for evaluating the applicability of the “Bayesian Occupancy Filtering” (BOF) (The BOF has initially been developed by INRIA (see C. Coué Thesis and related INRIA publications); then, it has been improved in collaboration with the Probayes company, and patented in 2006.)technology on Denso Lidar data. After having tested during four months the produced software on a Lidar mounted on a vehicle, Denso has proposed a second contract for completing the software. The main functionnalities studied in this second contract concern the clustering of the detected obstacles points (using both position and velocity data), and the study of the effects of the ego-motion parameters. The next collaboration topic is currently under discussion with Denso.


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