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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International contracts

Project C4RBCP, with Jacques Robin from the UFPE, in the framework of the bilateral cooperation with Brazil (funded under the FACEPE/INRIA agreement). In this project, we investigate the synergy between two hitherto unrelated areas of computer science: Rule-Based Constraint Programming (RBCP) and Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE). These two areas bring complementary principles to the general issue of software reuse for Automated Reasoning (AR). We investigate how these CBSE concepts can be adapted to the RBPC language CHR $ \vee$ (Constraint Handling Rules with Disjunctive bodies, a simple yet powerful extension of CHR) and implemented in the adaptive CHR $ \vee$ engine CHROME (CHR Online Model-driven Engine) currently under development at CIn-UFPE. The project is driven by complementary skills of both teams: CBSE at UFPe and Constraint Logic Programming, CHR and Trace development methodology at INRIA.


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