Team Contraintes

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Other Grants and Activities

Section: Other Grants and Activities

European contracts

6th PCRD STREP Net-WMS (2006-2009) on “constraint optimization in Wharehouse Management Systems”, ERCIM coord, F. Fages scientific coordinator, N. Beldiceanu, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, M. Carlsson, SICS, Abder Aggoun, KLS optim, CEA, MindBiz, Widescope, CRF Fiat, PSA;

6th PCRD STREP TEMPO (2006-2009) on “temporal genomics for tailored chronotherapeutics”, coordinated by Francis Lévi at INSERM Villejuif, with J. Clairambault BANG, F. Delaunay, CNRS Sophia-Antipolis, L. Meijer, CNRS Roscoff, CINBO Chieti, Hospital Services Aprilla, Helios Biosciences, Physiomics.

AE REGATE (2008-) on the “REgulation of the GonAdoTropE axis”, coordinated by Frédérique Clément, SISYPHE, with E. Reiter, INRA Tours, J.P. Françoise, Univ. Paris 6, B. Laroche Orsay, P. Michel Centrale Lyon, N. Ayache ASCLEPIOS, A. Goldbeter, ULB Bruxelles.


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