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Section: New Results

Connectivity and Dynamics of the FSH Signalling Network in Granulosa Cells

Participants : François Fages, Domitille Heitzler, Aurélien Rizk, Sylvain Soliman.

In collaboration with Frédérique Clément (SISYPHE) and Eric Reiter (UMR CNRS-INRA 6175), in the framework of the INRA AgroBI INSIGHT project, we analyse the connectivity and dynamics of the FSH signalling network in its target cells, and embedding the network within a multi-scale representation, from the molecular up to the organic level. We are examining the relative contributions of different pathways to the cell response to FSH signal, in order to determine how each pathway controls downstream cascades and which mechanisms are involved in the transition between different cellular states [25] . BIOCHAM is used first at the boolean level, to formalise the network of interactions corresponding to the FSH-induced signalling events on the cellular scale, and then at the differential semantics level, to predict continuous dynamical behaviors. In order to find and fine-tune the structure of the network and the values of the kinetic parameters, model-checking techniques are applied to undertake a systematic comparison between the model behaviour and the results of experiments. In particular, the new method for parameter search [22] , [3] , [28] provides better performance than classical numerical methods in this context.


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