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Section: New Results

Coupled Model of the Cell Cycle and the Circadian Cycle in Mammalian Cells

Participants : François Fages, Sriram Krishnamachari, Aurélien Rizk, Sylvain Soliman, Denis Thieffry.

Recent advances in cancer chronotherapy techniques support the evidence that there exist some links between the cell and the circadian cycles. Both cycles have been successfully modeled, however, as of today, there are no precise models describing the coupling of the two cycles. One purpose of a coupled model is to better understand how to efficiently target malignant cells depending on the phase of the day. This is at the heart of our participation in the EU STREP project TEMPO .

Building on our previous model of the entrainment in period of the cell cycle by the circadian cycle, our model is currently composed of a model the circadian cycle from Leloup and Goldbeter, a model of the mammalian cell cycle from Novak and Tyson, and a model fo the effect of the Irinotecan drug. The new features of BIOCHAM for parameter search [22] , [3] , [28] are used to adjust the coupling of these models.

In [19] , different logical models of the cell cycle in eukaryotes are compared, and in [20] a modular approach is proposed for the logical modelling of the budding yeast cell cycle.


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