Team Contraintes

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Other Grants and Activities

Section: New Results

Design and Implementation of the Rules2CP Modeling Language

Participants : François Fages, Julien Martin.

In the framework of the Net-WMS European project, we study higher-dimensional bin packing problems and placement constraints taking into account specific industrial requirements. In [15] , [14] , [31] , we introduce a general purpose rule-based modeling language for constraint programming, named Rules2CP. One orignality of Rules2CP as a modeling language is that it allows us to express search strategies and heuristics as preference orderings on variables, values, and and/or formulae. This language is used in the project to define the Packing Knowledge Modeling Language PKML and express non-pure bin packing problems including common sense, physical and industrial requirements with rules. PKML rules are translated to constraint programs with the Rules2CP compiler. Furthermore, a large subset of PKML can be very efficiently compiled in the geometrical constraint kernel geost [11] , [30] .


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