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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Research Result Transfer

The BZ-Testing-Tools technology has been transfered to LEIRIOS Technologies, at the end of 2004. The partnership between the Cassis project and the R&D LEIRIOS Department, located at the TEMIS Scientific and Industrial area at Besançon, will be continued through (national and international) projects or with a new transfer protocol. According to the law of innovation, F. Bouquet is scientific consultant of LEIRIOS Technologies.

Serge Burckel, who joined CASSIS in 2007, is recepient of the “Concours national 2008 d'aide à la création d'entreprises de technologies innovantes” for his works on the optimization of computations and data transmissions  [62] , [61] . With Emeric Gioan (LIRMM) and Emmanuel Thomé (project-team CACAO), he investigates formal methods for the automatic design of arbitrary operations on registers with sequential and “in-place” procedures  [33] . The resulting codes enable to save energy and time in processors. In the field of data exchanges, he proposes an encoding of binary informations with time intervals. Again, the goal is to reduce the energy used in networks.


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