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Section: Software

Keywords : Automated Deduction, Saturation Theorem Proving, Satisfiability, Equational Reasoning, Boolean Reasoning.

Automated Deduction Tools: haRVey

Participants : Alain Giorgetti, Silvio Ranise, Christophe Ringeissen.

haRVey ( )is a solver dedicated to satisfiability problems modulo theories. The main feature of haRVey is its capability of behaving as a decision procedure for the problem of checking the validity of certain classes of first-order formulae modulo some (combination of) theories of relevance in verification. The system features a combination of Boolean reasoning (supplied by a BDD or a SAT solver) to efficiently handle the boolean structure of formulae and a (generalization of the) Nelson-Oppen combination method between superposition theorem proving and decision procedures for linear arithmetic. The first version, called haRVey -FOL has been designed by Silvio Ranise and David Déharbe (UFRN Natal, Brazil). The new version, called haRVey -SAT, is developed by P. Fontaine (project-team MOSEL ) and David Déharbe (UFRN Natal, Brazil). haRVey has been especially designed to be integrated in larger verification systems. It is integrated in Barvey,a tool to check the consistency of B specifications. It takes a B abstract machine as input, generates proof obligations encoding the fact that the invariant is inductive, and translates them into a validity problem that haRVey can discharge.


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