Team Cassis

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Dissemination

Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences

We were invited to give the following talks.

V. Cortier , Invited Talk on Verification techniques for cryptographic protocols at RTA 2008 (International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications), Hagenberg, Austria, July 15th, 2008; Invited Talk on Building secure protocols at TFIT 2008 (Fourth Taiwanese-French Conference on Information Technology), Taipei, Taiwan, March 4th, 2008; Invited Talk on the use of formal models for proving cryptographic security notions at the LSV Seminar, Cachan, France, May 6th, 2008; Invited Talk on Verifying security protocols at the workshop in Honour of Hubert Comon-Lundh, Cachan, France, November 18th, 2008.

A. Giorgetti , Automates et annotations JML pour la vérification de programmes Java , Invited Talk at the STIC-Tunisie project workshop, Sup'Com Tunis, November 1st, joint work with J. Groslambert, J. Julliand and O. Kouchnarenko.

P. Héam , Invited Talk on Regular Approximations at Institut Gaspard Monge, Université Marne-la-Vallée and at Laboratoire d'Informatique et d'Algorithmique : Fondements et Applications, Université Paris 7.

C. Ringeissen , Invited Talk on Combination of Proof-Producing Decision Procedures, Seminar Team CPR (Systèmes sûrs : Conception et Programmation Raisonnées), Cédric, CNAM, Paris, January 21, 2008.

M. Rusinowitch , Invited Talk on Constraint-based Verification of Cryptographic Protocols, at NIAS-Lorentz workshop Logic and information security, September 25 2008. Invited Talk on protocol and service verification at the STIC-Tunisie project workshop, Sup'Com Tunis, November 1st.

M. Turuani , Invited Talk “CL-AtSe, théorie et applications”, Seminar Crypto-sécurité, IRIT, Toulouse, November 27, 2008.

L. Vigneron , Invited Talk “AVISPA, un outil d'analyse de protocoles cryptographiques”, Seminar Crypto-sécurité, IRIT, Toulouse, November 27, 2008.


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