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Contracts and Grants with Industry

Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

National initiatives

ANR Projects

Calvi members are involved in three ANR projects.

- ANR Masse de données : MASSIM project (leader J.-M. Dischler): Simulation and visualization of problems involving large data sets in collaboration with O. Coulaud (project Scalapplix).

- Non thematic ANR: Study of wave-particle interaction for Vlasov plasmas (leader A. Ghizzo). In collaboration with F. Califano from the University of Pisa in Italy.

- ANR Calcul Intensif et Simulation: HOUPIC (ANR-06-CIS6-013-01, leader E. Sonnendrücker): Development of 3D electromagnetic PIC codes comparing conforming Finite Elements and Discontinuous Galerkin Solvers on unstructured grids. .

- Non thematic ANR: EGYPT project (leader Ph. Ghendrih). Study of gyrokinetic models and their numerical approximation. In collaboration with DRFC/CEA-Cadarache.

Participation to GdR Research groups from CNRS

The members of Calvi participate actively in the following GdR:

- GdR équations Cinétiques et Hyperboliques : Aspects Numériques, Théoriques, et de modélisation (CHANT, CNRS 2900): this research group is devoted to the modeling and numerical simulation of hyperbolic and kinetic equations.


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