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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ANR Multimedia Semim@ge (2007-2009)

Participants : Steven Derrien, Florent Berthelot, Patrice Quinton.

The Semim@ge project ( aims at helping prototyping customized audio and video content repurposing applications for professional broadcasters. The proposed approach consists in providing an automated and generic workflow targeted at content repurposing and multimedia data indexing (through the automatic generation of structural and semantic metadata). Within this workflow, the CAIRN and TexMex groups are involved in video stream macro-structuration, which consists in finding similarities (identical short scenes such as advertisements) within a video stream. This macro-restructuration relies on an exhaustive comparison of the descriptors associated to each single image of the video stream, which turns to be very demanding in terms of computing power (a few month on a standard PC workstation). The contribution of the CAIRN project lies in the design and evaluation of FPGA based hardware accelerators for the self-similarity finding stage. A retargetable architectural model has been designed and implemented on two high performance reconfigurable accelerator platforms, the ReMIX machine designed by the IRISA Symbiose group, and a COTS reconfigurable platform by SGI (RASC-100). The implementation is functionnal and speed-ups ranging from 16 to 40 have been observed on real-life data-set.


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