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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ITEA2 - GEODES (2008-2011)

Participants : Olivier Sentieys, Olivier Berder.

The GEODES (Global Energy Optimisation for Distributed Embedded Systems) project will provide design techniques, embedded software and accompanying tools needed to face the challenge of allowing long power-autonomy of features rich and connected embedded systems, which are becoming pervasive and whose usage is significantly rising. It approaches this challenge by considering all systems levels, and notably emphasises the distributed system view. GEODES is an ITEA2 project which involves partners from France, Austria, Italia and Netherland: Thales (FR, IT, NL), CyberFab (FR), CNRS (LEAT and IRISA) (FR), CETMEF/MARTEC (FR), Infineon (AU), Thomson (FR), TUV (AU), UAQ (IT), Phillips (NL), Organo (AU), TI-WMC (NL).


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