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Section: Software

Keywords : fixed-point arithmetic, source-to-source code transformation, accuracy optimization.


Participants : Daniel Ménard [ correspondant ] , Olivier Sentieys, Romuald Rocher, Loic Cloatre.

In parallel to the definition of the fixed-point conversion methodology a tool (FloatToFix) is under development to provide an optimized fixed-point specification from the application description. The application is described with a C code using floating-point types. The tool generates a C code using fixed-point data types ( ac_fixed ) from Mentor Graphics. The development of the FloatToFix tool is achieved by an INRIA graduate engineer. The first version of the FloatToFix tool was based on the SUIF front-end developed by the Stanford University. The tool has been refactored to separate the fixed-point conversion transformations and the SUIF front-end. To obtain a tool independent of the front-end, an XML interface has been developed. The main development efforts have been concentrated on the accuracy evaluation module. This module is made-up of three mains steps corresponding to noise level modelization, transfer function determination and quantization noise expression generation. A first version of this module, able to handle non-recursive and linear-time-invariant systems, will be available soon. The roadmap for the development of F2F is its inclusion into the Gecos framework.


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