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New Results
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Section: New Results


This year all obtained original results are related to our previous researches related to mining complex data and IS data which is our first research topic: analysis of evolving usage data (clustering, sequential pattern extraction), mining data streams, document processing and evolutive aspects of ontologies.

Let us note that some works made in 2007 were published in 2008:

Other work on functional data [46] and on kernel SOM [25] , [31] has been published in 2008.

Let us note that after our first researches on mining social networks [16] , [25] , we pursued this topic inside the new project Intermed (public debates) (cf. section  7.1.2 ) and the starting thesis of E. Smirnova.

We have also pursued our research on an interdisciplinary SHS-STIC approach in usage mining (Sociology, Ergonomics, Computer Science) inside the CusCov project (cf. section  8.1 ) and the intermed project (cf. section  7.1.2 .


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