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Section: Dissemination

Participation to Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Invitations

Furthermore we attended the following conferences or workshops:

Y. Lechevallier and M.-A. Aufaure made each an invited talk at Ecol'IA 2008 ( March 20-22, Tunisia) organised by Khaled Ghedira ( LI3 / ENSI, Tunis)

F. Rossi made an invited talk on Introduction à l'apprentissage statistique at the first Réseau africain de statistique mathématique et ses applications (RASMA) and also on his work with N. Villa and Quoc-Ding Truong on mining a medieval social network [25] .

F. Rossi presented his work at various workshops: a) seminars SAMOS, University of aris 1 (march), b) seminar probabilité et statistiques , University of Lyon 1 (february) and c) colloquium Informatica, University of Groningen (Nederlands, february).

B. Senach made an invited talk at the World usability day 2008 at Sophia Antipolis [69] .


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