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Section: Dissemination

Promotion of the Scientific Community

Journals and Books

AxIS is involved in the management and the edition of 3 journals and 2 books:

AxIS members belongs to editorial boards of four international journals, six national journals (or some of their special issues):

AxIS members were reviewers for 12 international journals:

National Conferences/Workshops

AxIS members as co-chairs organised or co-organised three new EGC workshops:

Several AxIS members were involved in national conferences/worhshops as members of Program Committee.

International Conferences/Workshops

B. Trousse was chair of the track “Cognitive Modelling and Interaction” at the ECAI 2008, the 18th biennal European Conference on Artificial (Patras, Greece, july 21 - 25.)

M.-A. Aufaure was co-chair of the workshop “Semantic Web meets geospatial applications - AGILE 2008, Girona, Spain, May 5th, 2008.

Several AxIS permanents were involved in international conferences/worhshops as members of Program Committee.:

AxIS members were also additonnal reviewer for

Organization of Conferences /Workshops

Activities of General Interest


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