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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Others actions with Industry

To identify future collaborations.We organised or participated to different industrial meetings with:

We also had a lot of contacts and meetings this year with SMEs asking for advice and support in user interface design, personalization, recommendations and usage analysis: Perferencement, VU Log, TurnToWine, and from the Incubation Marseille Belle de Mai, GlobeKid, AccésCités and OpenDL;

The Perferencement SME is an actor in web traffic conversion. AxIS was contacted to provide assistance on page design : finding out what can be the optimal location of commercial links and how to avoid bouncing (one visit pages). A common proposal will be submitted for a Pacalab financing in December.

We are involved in the elaboration of a project called Mitra (managed by Paris Tech) for Multimodality Information for sustainable TRAnsport in commuting situation.


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