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Section: Overall Objectives


Revisiting Scatter plots

AVIZ has shown how traditional visualization techniques such as scatter plots can be enhanced by using novel navigation techniques. The ScatterDice techniques uses a 3D metaphor to change on axis of scatter plot by rotating in 3D around the other axis. ScatterDice  [6] has received the best paper award at the IEEE Information Visualization Conference.

European FET-Open VisMaster project

This project aimed at raising the visibility of Visual Analytics started in August 2008 and already launched important activities. We organized an international workshop on software infrastructures for Visual Analytics in Paris in December (see  7.3 .

Strong collaboration on Database/Workflow/Visualization

AVIZ has started a strong collaboration with the GEMO INRIA project-team and the BD LRI group to tackle the problem of “Interactive data-intensive workflows for scientific applications”. Two PhD students have been recruited to work on this important problem (see  7.7 .

Multi-scale Navigation in Huge Networks

AVIZ has reached a new milestone in multi-scale visualization and navigation of large networks with ZAME, the Zoomable Adjacency Matrix Explorer  [14] that can reorder and visualize network with millions of vertices and tens of millions of edges. We intend to use it to explore the Wikipedia networks (article to article, article to author, author to author, etc.) and large protein networks in bioinformatics (see section  6.2 ).


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